Invest in farmland

Do you want to protect and grow your capital? Invest in real value.

Farmland in the Czech Republic is still cheap in comparison with neighboring countries. That is one of the reasons why farmland become a target of investors in recent years. Farmland is limited resource, you cannot provide any more of it.  

 These are the benefits of investing in farmland:

  • expected price growth
  • simple administration
  • tangible investment 
  • stable rental income     

The disadvantages are:

  • lower liquidity
  • longterm character of investment


Farmland investment is suitable for investors wanting to invest for the long-term ( at least 5 – 10 years ). In the event that an investor needs to divest from a purchase of farmland, it can take around six months for a sale to take place at full price.

For those interested in investing we offer fertile farmland in the region of South Moravia in the Czech Republic. Farmland in this region is of exceptional quality.

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